How to remove* PFAS in your water with water filtration

Also known as ‘forever chemicals’, PFAS is the collective term for thousands of PFOA and PFOS man-made chemicals, which are persistent in the environment and can accumulate in the human body. PFAS are commonly used in non-stick cooking items, water-resistant clothing and firefighting foams, and have been bioaccumulating in the environment since the 1940s. Although limited studies have been conducted on their effects on humans, the World Health Organisation has recently classified them as carcinogenic to humans.

Here is a practical guide and options of how to remove* PFAS chemicals in your water.

Application PFAS Water Filter System FilterWall


Good option for removing PFAS from your water

Any PFAS reduction system should start with a whole house water filter to remove* the amount of PFAS chemicals in your water before it enters your home. PFAS chemicals can enter your body through drinking water or can be absorbed through the skin by coming in to contact with water in a shower or bath or even through washing your hands. A whole house filter like the FilterWall F Series will help to remove exposure from both perspectives. The FilterWall F series includes a large carbon filter that will absorb PFAS along with other chemicals including chlorine. The Freestanding filter system is installed after your mains water meter, typically in the garden ensuring all water is filtered before entering the home. The FilterWall F series is available in 9 colour options to match into your existing colour scheme or to add a pop of colour.

Recommendation:FilterWall™ F5orFilterWall™ F6

Application PFAS Water Filter System Puremix-Z7


Better option for removing PFAS from your water

As more PFAS is absorbed into the body through drinking water, a better option is to add a second layer of carbon filtration under your kitchen sink to follow the FilterWall F series whole house filter. The Puremix-Z7 is the recommended option and includes a carbon layer to further absorb more of the PFAS chemicals. The Puremix-Z7 is a 1 micron under sink cartridge that can be installed with any mixer tap, filtering the whole cold water line. With a capacity of 60,000L, the Puremix-Z7 only needs to be changes every 6-12 months and incorporates quick twist technology that allows you to change cartridges in seconds.

Recommendation:FilterWall™ F5orFilterWall™ F6+PureMIx Z7

Application PFAS Water Filter System Puremix-Z7


Best option for removing PFAS from your water

The most effective solution for significant PFAS reduction, is to pair a FilterWall F Series whole house filter with a RO270 under sink reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis is a process that forces water through an extremely thin barrier, known as a membrane, that separates chemicals from the water.

The ultra-fine membrane of the RO270 operates by rejecting impurities, and flushing them out to drain. This system effectively removes* up to 96% of all dissolved impurities, heavy metals, salts, viruses, bacteria, cysts, fluoride, nitrate, chlorine, taste, odour, and chemicals to a micron level of approximately 0.0005. If you are thinking of installing an under sink RO system, it's recommended to add aremineralising cartridgeafter the system, to balance the pH level and add essential minerals back into your water.

Recommendation:FilterWall™ F5orFilterWall™ F6+RO270

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Some types of PFAS have been linked to cancer, liver damage, thyroid and insulin problems, negative changes to the immune system, birth defects, delayed development in children, and other health issues. The latest research (April 2024) is now implying that PFAS chemicals "raise mortality from cardiovascular disease (in particular, heart diseases and ischemic heart disease) and malignant neoplastic diseases, including kidney cancer and testicular cancer."

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Disclaimer: 'Removes' indicates significant reduction, not necessarily 100% removal. While Puretec has commenced research into these contaminants and effective means of their reduction, this is a relatively new issue, and as such, we don't yet have data on the exact reduction rate of these products. However, based on independent studies, we believe these products above are the best options in our range to remove* PFAS. Puretec recommends having your water independently tested for PFAS, in an accredited laboratory.